The process of alternative sentencing begins with an assessment to determine the appropriateness of each individual to determine if this is the right program or not. This assessment can be done over the phone or in-person at our office. WE DO ACCEPT COLLECT CALLS. If the individual is determined to be appropriate and has the ability to pay; we will appear in court to propose this alternative to both the Judge and the District Attorney. The length of the program will be determined in court and is usually between six months to one year.

Nancy Clark and Associates has worked many years with pre-sentence individuals by helping them to present a proactive stance on the substance abuse problem. This, many times, has helped to reduce or eliminate any potential incarceration times.

We view substance abuse much more as a health issue rather than a criminal issue. Our goal as a program is to offer you the help that you so desperately need. Incarceration has its purpose in protecting the community from those that are dangerous. Does it make sense to incarcerate those that are harming themselves? You may be a danger to yourself which is why drug treatment should be the correct course of action.